Mercury pollution victories

Mercury victoriesWhile we still have far to go to make sure our waterways are mercury-free, Clean Wisconsin has scored a number of victories that have made tremendous progress towards ending mercury pollution in our state.

Mercury Reduction Rules, 2008

In 2008, Clean Wisconsin worked to pass a set of groundbreaking mercury reduction rules. The new regulation require coal-fired power plants, a leading source of mercury pollution, to cut their mercury emissions by 90 percent no later than 2021.

Multiple victories in 2009

Immediately following our victory in 2008, Clean Wisconsin garnered several more by taking on other forms of this dangerous toxin. In 2009, we worked with the state Legislature to enact the Mercury Products Bill, a law banning the manufacture and sale of unnecessary mercury products. We also successfully saw through the passage of the Electronic Waste Bill, which mandated manufacturers to take responsibility for their products, create an accessible recycling program, and prevent dangerous chemicals, like mercury, from getting into our environment.

With the health of families across Wisconsin at risk, it’s important we eliminate mercury in all its form from our invaluable natural resources. Until we do, Clean Wisconsin will continue to seek new ways to remove this poisonous pollutant from our air, land and water.