Curbing mercury pollution

Curbing mercury pollutionThe threat of mercury is all too real in Wisconsin. We have fish consumption advisories for every inland lake because of high mercury levels and every year, thousands of children born here suffer from impaired development as a result of mercury exposure.

To protect our families, we must reduce mercury pollution. Over the last several years, Clean Wisconsin has collaborated with policymakers to tackle mercury pollution in a variety of forms, from curbing mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants to better recycling options for electronic waste. We continue to fight this threat for the health of our water, our air, our wildlife and our families.

Clean Wisconsin does this by:

Holding polluters accountable

Holding water polluters accountable

We must hold polluters accountable for contaminating our environment. For decades, Clean Wisconsin’s legal team has worked in the permitting process and the courts to keep our waters clean and safe.

Mercury thermostat recycling

Expanding mercury thermostat recycling

Old mercury thermostats are a significant source of harmful mercury pollution. To keep our water clean and our families safe, Clean Wisconsin is working to implement better, more convenient mercury thermostat recycling programs.

Past mercury victories

Our mercury victories

Clean Wisconsin has already scored a number of victories to curb mercury pollution, such as helping to pass mercury reduction rules and establishing electronic waste disposal programs.

PHOTO CREDIT Flyfishing: Lisa Simmons