2014 30th Street Industrial Corridor Project

Recapping our 2014 work in Milwaukee’s 30th Street Corridor

Clean Wisconsin’s green infrastructure outreach project was a great success, generating enthusiasm and buy-in for managing water where it falls in neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee’s 30th Street Industrial Corridor.
30th Street Corridor recap, 2014Through this collaborative project sponsored by Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and in partnership with Northwest Side Community Development Corporation (NWSCDC), Marek Landscaping, LLC and local artist Quan Caston, we have installed 90 rain barrels, eight rain gardens and three stormwater public art pieces throughout the corridor. Local residents have used these installations to divert approximately 126,000 gallons of stormwater from the sewer system, and over 100 pounds of pollutants will be diverted from Milwaukee’s waterways each year, strengthening the community’s environmental sustainability.
Clean Wisconsin has worked with residents from 10 different neighborhoods throughout the area, including Century City Triangle, Sherman Park, Washington Park and Cold Spring Park. We are also engaging in further green infrastructure planning on MMSD’s 30th Street Industrial Corridor Advisory Council and with the support of a $60,000 matching grant from the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program for work through June 2015.