The latest issue: Fall 2018

Under the Lens: Succession Planning

Researchers have identified ways that power line right-of-ways can be important reservoirs for disappearing habitat Underneath power lines is probably not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of important wildlife habitat, since power lines have...

Under the Lens: Sealing the Science on PAHs

Unfortunately, there has been a continued rise in environmental concentrations of PAHs over the past 40 years in the United States. This is partly because we have been operating under the assumption that since there is a wide range of potential sources, the PAH problem cannot be easily addressed with one or two targeted practices. However, there is new hope to reverse the trend as recent research and experimental evidence have begun to identify a single major and primary cause of PAH pollution in aquatic sediments: tar-based pavement sealants.

Under the Lens: Blue-Green Algae

A bacteria called cyanobacteria, blue-green algae is almost always present in Wisconsin lakes, but its quantity is kept in check by other aquatic organisms such as zooplankton and a limited amount of nutrients essential for growth, like phosphorous and nitrogen. However, when there are excess nutrients, an abundance of sunlight and calm water, the conditions become right for cyanobacteria to grow exponentially. Discharge from water treatment and food-processing plants, fertilizer runoff from fields, and leaching from animal waste are some of the biggest contributors of excess nutrients in Wisconsin lakes.

2015 Budget Bill Recap

Environmental protections take a hit On July 12, Governor Walker signed the biennial budget bill into law. The budget bill is the most comprehensive and sweeping bill passed during every legislative session, and it impacts every facet of state government. It is the...

Under the Lens: Coal Ash Loophole

Loophole in law allows toxic coal ash to go largely unregulated Each year, about one billion tons of coal is burned in the United States, making it the largest source of fuel used to produce electricity. Along with this production come a number of waste streams. These...

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