Picking up the slack, a fight for clean water

, By Molly Dove

La Crosse area residents fight for clean water amid recent discovery of PFAS contamination 

Joe and Kathy Weitekamp have lived in the same home for nearly 40 years in the Town of Campbell, but they are just now learning of PFAS contamination in their private well.

And they are not alone.

Recently, La Crosse area residents are discovering PFAS in their drinking water, many over the state’s recommended limit of 20 parts per trillion, from firefighting foam used by the city’s fire department.

In this episode, we hear how residents are stepping up to advocate for clean water as local governments are slow to take action and how one piece of legislation moving through the state legislature could help not only clean-up current PFAS contamination, but help prevent more in the future.

Background reading:

  • Learn more about Clean Wisconsin’s work on PFAS here.
  • Tell your legislators to support the CLEAR Act through Clean Wisconsin’s action network.

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