Microbeads: Victory for Wisconsin’s Waters

MADISON — The state Assembly unanimously passed a bill this afternoon that will phase out the manufacture and sale of personal care products containing microbeads, moving Wisconsin waters — especially the Great Lakes — one step closer to being protected from the emerging issue of microplastic pollution.

Senate Unanimously Supports Microbeads Bill

MADISON — With unanimous support in the state Senate this afternoon, Wisconsin’s waters, especially our Great Lakes, are one step closer to being protected against the growing problem of microplastic pollution after legislation that would phase out the manufacture of personal care products containing microbeads was passed.

Statement on Gogebic Taconite Closing Wisconsin Operation

MADISON — Gogebic Taconite’s announcement today that it is shuttering its Hurley office and ending its current efforts to build an open-pit iron mine in Northern Wisconsin comes as no surprise. From the first rumor of this mining company coming into Wisconsin’s Northwoods five years ago, there was no debating the significant risk to natural resources the mine posed.

Science & Policy Internships

Clean Wisconsin has a number of science and policy internships available throughout the year for undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, environmental sciences, political/governmental, public health, or other related fields. Applicants should be able to demonstrate strong analytic and technical abilities, excellent writing skills, and an interest in and commitment to addressing environmental issues facing

Under the Lens: Coal Ash Loophole

PHOTO: Tennessee Department of Health Loophole in law allows toxic coal ash to go largely unregulated Each year, about one billion tons of coal is burned in the United States, making it the largest source of fuel used to produce electricity. Along with this production come a number of waste streams. These include gaseous exhaust,

Under the Lens: Fine Particulate Matter

Fine particulate matter affects air quality, public health With such a strong early allergy season this year, many people have taken to checking pollen counts on their favorite weather site. If this is you, you may have also noticed information on air quality, like the EPA’s Air Quality Index, which monitors and forecasts ozone and fine particulate

Under the Lens: Microbeads

Pre-production plastic pellets, or “nurdles,” are used in the manufacturing of the plastic products and can easily enter the environment. PHOTO: Flickr/NOAA Marine Debris Program The burgeoning problem of microplastics, itty-bitty plastic pieces in our water While plastic has been a water pollution concern in for awhile, it is only recently that researchers have started

Under the Lens: Rock Salt

Winter: The Season of Salt Winter in Wisconsin may mean different things to different people, but snow and ice are always the major theme. And when that snow and ice piles up on roads, driveways and sidewalks, it also becomes one of winter’s major tasks. Removing snow and ice is a huge investment of both

Op-Ed: Legislature should restore funds to Focus on Energy

By Keith Reopelle & Charlie Higley In the spring of 2011, Governor Scott Walker and legislative leaders significantly cut funding to Focus on Energy, the statewide energy efficiency program that helps residents and businesses lower energy bills. A recent legislative audit demonstrates that the benefits of Focus on Energy more than double the costs of