Development & Events Intern

Description The Development and Events intern will assist Clean Wisconsin’s development team with events, donor relations, and membership activities. This intern will focus their efforts on procuring donations for silent-auction baskets, data-entry, assisting with incoming and outgoing mail, and various other tasks related to event-planning and fundraising. The Clean Wisconsin development department is comprised of

High-capacity well bill’s passage ensures ongoing groundwater conflicts

Bill gives away public groundwater for private benefit  Madison, Wis. – On a 62-35 vote, lawmakers on Tuesday passed legislation that ensures unsustainable pumping rates by existing high-capacity wells will continue unchecked and jeopardize water supplies and lock-in conflicts between major water users and property owners. Feeling growing public opposition to Senate Bill 76, Assembly Republicans rushed to

Clean Wisconsin uncovers billion-gallon groundwater giveaway

For industrial users, it’s open season on Wisconsin’s groundwater Madison, Wis. – As lawmakers in the state capitol prepare to vote on a bill that would lock-in the unsustainable pumping rates of existing high-capacity wells, an in-depth analysis of dozens of recently modified well permits shows a massive water grab is underway in Wisconsin. A

DNR Quietly Adopts AG’s Opinion on High-Capacity Wells

After a May Attorney General opinion that sought to strip DNR’s ability to meaningfully review high-capacity wells in what has been a very high-profile environmental issue, the DNR quietly posted on its website today that it will adopt the Attorney General’s opinion, which will leave most waters unprotected.

Under the Lens: Succession Planning

Researchers have identified ways that power line right-of-ways can be important reservoirs for disappearing habitat Underneath power lines is probably not the first place that comes to mind when thinking of important wildlife habitat, since power lines have well-known, negative impacts on ecosystems. For example, when routed through forests they cause fragmentation, creating barriers for

Communications & PR Intern

Clean Wisconsin, the state’s largest environmental advocacy organization, is seeking a Communications & PR Intern. As a member of the organization’s stellar Communications team, you’ll be charged with assisting the Communications Director in promoting the organization, its work and its events both in traditional media and on social media. Duties include: Writing and editing communications

Mercury Remains a Serious Concern this Fishing Season

On Saturday, May 7, anglers will take to Wisconsin’s lakes and rivers for the official start of the fishing season. While this weekend’s fishing opener is a favorite pastime of many Wisconsinites and a way to honor our state’s natural heritage, it also serves as a reminder that anglers need to be mindful of their catch and what they put on their tables.

2015-’16 Session Recap: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Now that the 2015-‘16 legislative session has ended, it’s time to reflect on how environmental protections fared in the state Legislature. While it’s easy to focus on all the bad proposals offered and the hard-fought battles over what should be commonsense protections, it’s worth remembering how much has been accomplished thanks to the hard work

A Win for Public Health in Central Wisconsin

Settlement sets protective mercury pollution limit on Rothschild’s Weston 4 plant MADISON – After nearly five years, Clean Wisconsin, Sierra Club, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) have settled a legal dispute regarding how much mercury can be emitted from Weston 4, a coal-fired power plant operated by WPS in Rothschild.