Dirty Water Rule puts Wisconsin’s drinking water at risk.

This truth is why in 1972, Congress enacted the bipartisan Clean Water Act to protect our nation’s streams and wetlands and keep our water safe. And it’s why in 2020, Clean Wisconsin filed a lawsuit in federal court with other environmental groups to challenge the Trump Administration’s “Dirty Water Rule,” which will wipe out many of these vital protections.

Breathing easier

In a major victory for Wisconsin’s air quality, a federal appeals court judge ruled on July 10, 2020 that the US Environmental Protection Agency had failed to protect Wisconsin residents from ozone pollution when determining which counties met health standards for the pollutant.

Attorney General acts in interest of public waters, science

Withdrawing flawed opinion on high-capacity wells allows DNR to ‘do its job again’ Clean Wisconsin applauds Attorney General Josh Kaul for his decision on Friday, May 1, to withdraw a flawed opinion issued by former Attorney General Brad Schimel stating the Department of Natural Resources lacked legal authority to consider negative impacts to surface water