Tell lawmakers: Approve $3 million for county conservationists.


Tell lawmakers: Approve $3 million for county conservationists.


County conservationists are important players in helping farmers implement important practices to protect water quality and environmental health all around the state.

As part of the Water Quality Task Force bill package, lawmakers have proposed a bill to provide an additional funding of nearly $3 million to make sure county conservationist positions are fully funded in each county.

But some lawmakers think this is too much money and want to kill the bill.

Many other Midwest states are investing hundreds of millions of dollars—many times more than Wisconsin—to support clean water initiatives. $3 million is a small amount of money that will go a long way, directly helping farmers with programs to protect our water.

Without county conservationists, farmers are left unsupported when trying to do the right thing for our natural resources. In many cases, county conservationists give farmers the tools they need to try new innovative practices.

We need to support our farmers who support a clean environment, and that means funding county conservationists.

As this bill heads to hearings in the Senate and Assembly, we need you to help show strong support for this investment in our farmers and water resources.

Tell your lawmakers: Support our farming community. Support a clean environment. Strengthen funding for county conservationists.