We need a strong stand on PFAS

Tell the Natural Resources Board: Take a strong stand on PFAS

PFAS pollution is having its way in Wisconsin.

From Rhinelander to Madison, families and communities are struggling to deal with these “forever chemicals” in drinking water, which are linked to an increased risk of serious health problems, like cancer.

Despite this, the federal government has all but ignored the problem, leaving families around the state to fend for themselves.

Thankfully, Gov. Tony Evers and the Department of Natural Resources have recognized the seriousness of the issue and have proposed creating new rules to protect Wisconsin families from PFAS pollution.

But first, they need the approval of the Natural Resources Board, the oversight body for the DNR.

As we learn more about PFAS contamination and the federal government fails to take action, it’s clear Wisconsin needs to take a leading role in cleaning up current pollution and protecting Wisconsin families from future drinking water contamination from PFAS. That’s why it is critical the DNR get the go-ahead to develop new statewide protections from PFAS.

The Natural Resources Board is expected to vote on this measure on January 22. We need you to urge the Natural Resources Board members to vote yes and start protecting our drinking water from PFAS.

Tell the Natural Resource Board: Take a strong stand on PFAS.

Our communities depend on it.