Take action on SB 76 / AB105


Have you seen Sunday’s Wisconsin State Journal front-page headline?

“State OKs pumping of 1 billion gallons from vulnerable aquifers.”

Yes, you read that right.

The state just gave away a billion more gallons of the public’s groundwater to industrial water users without any regard for how increased pumping from these vulnerable aquifers would impact nearby water bodies and drinking water wells.

And the state signed-off on the increased pumping limits over the objections of Department of Natural Resources scientists who said nearby lakes, rivers, and streams would be threatened by increased pumping.

In Wisconsin, the state legislature and our attorney general have turned the DNR into a rubber stamp for high-capacity wells. That’s why we’re calling on you to make your voice heard to protect our groundwater from overuse.

State legislators could give a final vote as early as next week to SB 76/AB 105, a pair of bills that would lock-in the rubber stamp and lead to more empty lakes, dried-up rivers, and drained residential wells.

Contact your legislators TODAY and demand they oppose these bills, and hold Senators who already voted for it accountable for their vote to give away public water.