Tell the Senate: Don't let special interests tamper with science

Tell the Senate: Don’t let special interests tamper with science

Setting health-based standards for our water should be an objective and scientifically rigorous process. Thanks to our current laws in Wisconsin, it is.

But special interests representing industry want to change that.

Under a bill passed in the State Assembly, the Department of Health Services would be required to, in effect, allow special interests to have unprecedented influence on the scientific review process in setting water protections. Not only would this add unnecessary steps to an already lengthy process, but it would also enable industry to sway the final health-based standards that protect us all from drinking water pollution.

No special interest should be allowed to jeopardize objective scientific processes that impact the health of Wisconsin residents – not environmental groups and not regulated industry. The current process is sound and scientifically rigorous and needs to be upheld.

As this bill is expected to be voted on in the full Senate in March, we need you to contact your state Senators and tell them to protect public health and the integrity of our water standards and VOTE NO on this proposal.

Our health is at stake.