Tell the NRB: Put public health over profits

Once again, chemical companies and industry continue to demand protections from PFAS pollution be reflective of their own special interests protecting their profits instead of public health.

We believe protections from harmful pollutants should be crafted for and by the victims of environmental pollution, not those responsible for the polluting.

Earlier this month, the Natural Resources Board (NRB) delayed approval of an emergency rule restricting the use of firefighting foam containing PFAS after hearing complaints from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce and the American Chemistry Council at the 11th hour.

They think cleaning up their PFAS mess in the way scientists recommend to protect our water and public health might cut into their bottom line.

This rule would offer the only protections against water contamination from PFAS pollution in Wisconsin. But now, this incredibly modest rule is at risk of not being passed.

While industry is focused on their financial interests, Wisconsinites are dealing with the stark reality that the water flowing from their tap may be harmful because of high PFAS levels.

This rule must move forward to provide protections for people’s health and our natural resources.

Tell the NRB and state lawmakers: Protect public health, not profits.