Tell the PSC: No time for new fossil fuels

Two utilities have filed an application to construct a new 625-megawatt gas-fired power plant in Superior, Wisconsin.
At a time when Gov. Evers has pledged to tackle climate change and the global scientific community has made clear that we need to significantly cut carbon emissions and invest in renewable energy sources, this proposed plant would add nearly three million tons of CO2 to our atmosphere every year!
This plant, called the Nemadji Trail Energy Center, would operate for at least 30 years, well beyond the time we have to cut carbon emissions.
Tell the Public Service Commission: We have run out of time for fossil fuels. The Nemadji Trail Energy Center should not be approved.
Submit your comment on the Public Service Commission website. Use the text below to help craft your comment.
SAMPLE LANGUAGE to send the PSC on their website:
 I urge you not to approve the proposed Nemadji Trail Energy Center. We cannot afford to build new fossil fuel plants.
The most recent United Nations IPCC report is clear: we need to significantly cut our carbon emissions within 12 years in order to avoid catastrophic changes to our climate.
This plant would emit the equivalent of nearly 3 million tons of carbon dioxide per year for at least 30 years. Luckily, we do not need new gas plants to meet our current energy needs.
Electricity from wind and solar energy is now more cost-effective than electricity from gas plants, and many utilities are making major investments in new wind and solar installations.
The Nemadji Trail Energy Center gas plant is an unnecessary investment in old technology that will only add to our current carbon emissions and hinder our efforts to curb climate change.
I ask you chart a sustainable future for Wisconsin and to reject the proposed Nemadji Trail Energy Center gas plant.
Sincerely, YOUR NAME