Tell the Water Quality Task Force: Fix drinking water pollution

Tell the Water Quality Task Force: Fix drinking water pollution


Governor Evers has declared 2019 “Year of Clean Drinking Water” and has made water quality a top priority. Now, the legislature is also taking up this critical issue.

In January, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos launched the Task Force on Water Quality to investigate water quality issues statewide.

The Task Force is investigating the causes of contamination, best practices for collecting data, and considering solutions for polluted drinking water. Legislators have said that the Task Force will provide policy recommendations and legislation.

Throughout 2019, the Task Force will be holding public hearings around the state. This is your chance to testify in support of real solutions to our drinking water challenges.

Lead pipes still deliver drinking water to people across the state. Many residents with private wells have water tainted with nitrates. Folks in places like Marinette rely on bottled water because PFAS pollution has polluted private wells.

It’s imperative that this Task Force come up with real solutions that actually address our current drinking water issues. We need action that prevents further pollution in the future. We need to provide necessary funding and resources to the scientists, state agencies, and others who protect our drinking water. And we need to help people struggling with drinking water pollution get the water they deserve.

But for that to happen, we need you to urge the Task Force to take bold action.

Tell the Water Quality Task Force: we need bold actions to address the water quality challenges facing our state.