Tell Congress: Protect clean water, public health in COVID-19 response



The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything.

It also has shown us just how much we rely on clean water and our natural resources like the Great Lakes—and how investing in protecting them is critical for public health.

As people are instructed to regularly wash their hands and stay home, access to clean and safe water is key to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Yet far too many people don’t have access to this basic human need.

Congress is considering another round of stimulus funding to help communities, states, and our country weather the storm from this pandemic. Now is the time for them to allocate funding to help communities in Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region protect public health, increase access to clean drinking water, and bolster our local and state economies.

Congress can do this in three main ways:

  1. End water shutoffs: Tony Evers has shown leadership by suspending all water shutoffs during the stay at home order. However, water access and affordability is still a major issue for many of our neighboring states. Congress needs to not only make sure people in the Great Lakes region have access to clean water during this pandemic, but address this water affordability in the region once this crisis is over.


  1. Invest in water infrastructure: Years of failing to invest in water infrastructure has led to public health crises—from lead poisoning to polluted runoff—and crumbling water systems, with local communities left to foot the bill. Federal investment in water infrastructure can help provide reliable access to safe drinking water, put people to work and set the stage for economic revitalization.


  1. Invest in our Great Lakes: By providing additional funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative this year, Congress can increase protections for the Lakes that provide drinking water, economic development, and recreational opportunities to many Wisconsin communities.

Investing in clean drinking water and the Great Lakes is critical to protecting public health. Using stimulus funding to invest in Great Lakes programs can ensure people have clean water during this pandemic while helping our local and state economies recover in the months to come.

Tell your U.S. Representative: Invest in public health, clean drinking water and our Great Lakes in COVID-19 stimulus funding.