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Enough is Enough: Support the CLEAR Act now!

People should no longer be forced to rely on bottled water for access to safe, clean drinking water. PFAS pollution—and the serious public health risks it poses—is creating major problems for residents and families across Wisconsin.

PFAS, or Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, are a group of persistent human-made chemicals often referred to as “forever chemicals” because they do not easily break down in the environment and can build up in human bodies over a lifetime. PFAS is found in common household products like food packaging and non-stick pans, as well as firefighting foams used at military bases and airports. These chemicals are linked to many adverse health effects including decreased fertility, thyroid issues, suppressed vaccine response, and kidney and testicular cancer.

The CLEAR Act was recently introduced by Sen. Melissa Agard as one of the most comprehensive proposals in the nation to combat PFAS pollution. This bill directs state agencies to develop standards and protective measures to keep PFAS from polluting Wisconsin’s water resources and putting families’ health at risk.  However, some lawmakers are still refusing to support it!

As people continue to struggle with PFAS pollution in their communities, they are looking to lawmakers to take action! The first step is setting comprehensive standards that protect public health, and The CLEAR Act does just that.

Lawmakers must also focus on providing clean drinking water to families affected by PFAS pollution while moving forward with permanent solutions to prevent more pollution from happening in the first place and start cleaning up our contaminated groundwater.

There is no time to waste. Every day without action only makes the problem more difficult to solve in the future.

Send a message to your legislators: Support the CLEAR Act!