Tell lawmakers: No subsidies for fossil fuel power

The estimated time required to complete this action is 30 seconds

There is no way to get to zero carbon if we keep building things that emit carbon.

Right now, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utility Service is considering a subsidized loan for Dairyland Power Cooperative worth hundreds of millions of dollars for the Nemadji Trail gas power plant proposed for Superior, Wisconsin. Worse, the environmental study of this loan didn’t look at the climate impact of 30 years of more of burning gas to create electricity.

When President Biden took office, he committed to ending federal subsidies for fossil fuel energy. Now its time for him to make good on that promise!

Clean Wisconsin, along with the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, Sierra Club and Honor the Earth have petitioned the federal government to force climate analysis or deny funding for the gas plant, but we need your help too!

Call on President Biden, and your Senators to prevent this federal subsidy for a climate-polluting proposal.