Tell the PSC to Protect Rooftop Solar!


Wisconsin needs far more rooftop solar. MG&E and Alliant plans move us in the wrong direction.

Both MG&E and Alliant Energy are trying to eliminate existing programs that support rooftop solar. The replacement programs are more complex, creating uncertainty for homeowners and installers. With new federal funding making rooftop solar more accessible than ever, Wisconsinites need a clear, understandable path that rewards installing their own systems. If the utilities’ plans are approved by the Public Service Commission, families may face longer payback periods for home solar and Alliant customers could even be charged for providing excess clean energy to the grid, making it harder for families to make the leap to solar energy.

Make your voice heard!

Tell the PSC to protect rooftop solar and keep home solar buyback rates for MG&E and Alliant Energy customers that promote clean energy in Wisconsin.

Alliant Energy customers

MG&E customers

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