Legal Advisory Council

Achieving our vision for our legal department requires strategic advice and assistance of experienced members of Wisconsin’s legal community. It is our goal to build an expanded, sustainable legal staff with expertise in every area of law that has the potential to affect Wisconsin’s natural resources. This includes water and air law; but also mining, energy, solid waste, agricultural and tribal law, to name a few. To that end, we created Clean Wisconsin’s Legal Advisory Council in 2013. This council will advise and assist our legal staff in a variety of ways and includes a rich mix of individuals from Wisconsin and beyond.

Clean Wisconsin Legal Advisory Council members

  • Janette Brimmer, Seattle
    Staff Attorney, Earthjustice
  • John Clancy, Madison
    Partner, Godfrey & Kahn
  • Shari Eggleson, Washburn
    Retired, Wisconsin Department of Justice
  • Kathleen Falk, Madison
    Former Regional Director, US Department of Health & Human Services
    Clean Wisconsin Board Emeritus
  • David Hecker, Elm Grove
    Retired General Counsel, SC Johnson
  • Richard Monette, Madison
    Professor UW-Madison Law School
  • Carl Sinderbrand, Madison
    Attorney, Axley Brynelson
    Clean Wisconsin Board Member
  • Christa Westerberg, Madison
    Partner, Pines Bach LLP