Paul Mathewson, Staff Scientist

Paul Mathewson, Staff Scientist, Clean WisconsinJoined April 2014

As Clean Wisconsin’s Staff Scientist, Paul’s work includes scientific research and analysis of scientific aspects of environmental policy in support of Clean Wisconsin’s clean air, energy, and water programs. Paul has always been passionate about protecting the natural environment and has significant experience working in and studying many areas of environmental science, policy, and law. He majored in biology with a concentration in environmental science as an undergraduate, and subsequently worked as a field biologist for several years before returning to graduate school. He completed a dual-degree graduate program with the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, and last year he completed his Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Paul works with the Director of Science to research and analyze scientific aspects of environmental policy in support of the air, energy and water programs at Clean Wisconsin.