Katie Nekola, General Counsel

Joined January 2005

Katie Nekola is responsible for leading Clean Wisconsin’s legal department. Nekola previously served as Clean Wisconsin’s Energy Program Director and managed our successful challenge to the construction of a new coal plant in southwestern Wisconsin, coordinating legal, media, and organizing campaigns. Nekola currently oversees and participates in cases before the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin and proceedings at the Department of Natural Resources. She has advocated for a better energy planning process, clean energy alternatives, and energy efficiency and conservation policies at state agencies and in the Capitol. Nekola also managed Clean Wisconsin’s legal challenge to the Elm Road Generating Station’s cooling water intake system, which resulted in the most comprehensive environmental settlement in Wisconsin history, including the establishment of two nonprofit organizations which address water quality issues in the Lake Michigan Basin and promote global warming solutions.

Nekola holds a law degree and a Master of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She previously has worked as an energy consultant, a facilitator for the state Focus on Energy Renewables program, and a school social worker.

Favorite things to do outdoors in Wisconsin: Swimming, boating and biking.