What makes Wisconsin special?

What makes Wisconsin special?

That question can be answered in as many ways as there are people. We all have our special places: our favorite lake, hiking trail, or our cabin in the woods. These places speak to us and are meaningful in our understanding of who we are.

Making sure our special places will remain for future generations takes protecting. And with many steep challenges facing Wisconsin’s water, air, and land—through legislation, state agency decisions, and the courts—it makes our work at Clean Wisconsin ever more critical.

Despite the odds, we’re hard at work, and we’re getting things done. We recently won a monumental court case. We’re at the table with decision makers in the Capitol to fight against legislation that roll-back protections that put people and communities at risk. And we’re working with partners and stakeholders to find smart solutions to our biggest challenges that work for everyone.

With so much left to accomplish, we hold fast to that vision for a better, brighter, cleaner future.

Your year-end gift can help us continue to get real results at a time when we face many big challenges at once—and with many more to come.

Because at Clean Wisconsin, we all have our own special place in Wisconsin. Our personal connections to the natural splendors of our state encourage us to press on, for you and your family.

So, what makes Wisconsin special? You.

Please consider making an special, year-end gift to Clean Wisconsin this giving season.