Curbing reliance on fossil fuels

Curbing reliance on fossil fuelsOur reliance on dirty, out-of-state fossil fuels affects our economy, our environment and our health. However, we have the opportunity to take a better path forward with Wisconsin’s innovative technologies and abundant natural resources. Clean Wisconsin works with the Legislature and utilities as well as through the courts and permitting process to create a better business environment for clean energy producers and stop the expansion of our dirty energy reliance.

Clean Wisconsin does this by:

Pushing for better management of coal ash waste

Pushing for better coal ash waste management

Our 2014 report on coal ash waste shows how this wastestream has contaminated groundwater in southeastern Wisconsin. Clean Wisconsin strives to promote clean, renewable energy that won’t harm our drinking water.

Working for strong EPA carbon pollution standards

Working for strong EPA carbon standards

To curb climate change, we must cut carbon pollution. At Clean Wisconsin, we’re working to ensure the EPA develop strong but reasonable carbon standards.

Closing or retiring old, dirty coal plants

Fighting dirty coal-powered energy

Dirty energy producers emit 40% of our nation’s carbon pollution. Clean Wisconsin works on a number of fronts to reduce the production of dirty energy and clean up active producers.

Expanding energy efficiency

Expanding energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is the easiest, cheapest way to reduce harmful pollution. Clean Wisconsin strives to end our reliance on dirty energy and expand energy efficiency options.

PHOTO CREDIT Coal ash bluff collapse: Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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