Clean, Safe & Plentiful Water

We believe that everyone deserves clean, safe and plentiful water. But Wisconsin’s lakes, rivers, streams, groundwater and drinking water face many threats. At Clean Wisconsin, we are working on multiple fronts to protect our valuable water resources and ensure that everyone has access to clean, safe and plentiful water, now and for generations to come.

Protecting our groundwater

Dried-up rivers and unsafe drinking water is an unfortunate reality here due to weak laws and over-pumping. Clean Wisconsin is committed to protecting our groundwater.

Protecting our Great Lakes

Our Great Lakes are invaluable, but they’re threatened by invasive species, pollution, overuse and more. Clean Wisconsin works to restore and protect our Great Lakes for all to enjoy.

Reducing polluted runoff and restoring our waters PHOTO: Dick Lamers

Polluted runoff from fields, lawns, streets and more is a top threat to our waterways. Clean Wisconsin works to reduce polluted runoff, with an emphasis on phosphorus pollution.

Fighting for clean, safe drinking water

Clean, safe drinking water is a right, not a privilege. Clean Wisconsin works to ensure all Wisconsinites have access to clean, safe and plentiful drinking water.

Curbing mercury pollution PHOTO: Lisa Simmons

Mercury impacts our health, our air, our water, our fish and our natural resources. Clean Wisconsin works to curb mercury pollution for the benefit of all.
PHOTO CREDITS Polluted runoff/girl on pier: Dick Lamers
Flyfishing: Lisa Simmons

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