Doug's Challenge

We all know the next four years are going to be serious challenge to the environmental values we hold dear.

Doug La Follette, one of Clean Wisconsin’s Founders and patron of the the Doug La Follette Environmental Speakers Program, is keen on ensuring the long-term sustainability of Clean Wisconsin’s work. Doug knows our work to safeguard Wisconsin’s clean air and water requires a long term strategy and investment.

Doug is investing in Wisconsin’s environment for future generations to enjoy by offering a matching grant for Clean Wisconsin’s Endowment Fund, and he challenges you to join in that investment.

With your contribution of $25, $100, $1,000 or $5,000 to meet this challenge, funds will be placed in an endowment where they will have an impact long into the future. Doug cares about amplifying important environmental messages, so he has invested in our twice-annual lecture series. Your support can help expand the popular Doug La Follette Environmental Speakers Program and other outreach and educational activities to highlight and bring attention to Wisconsin’s important environmental issues.


Or your support could be designated for the long term support of:

  • Our science department work, to ensure the public and policymakers have the latest research and data;
  • Our legal program activities, to ensure our state’s permitting laws and rules are properly enforced;
  • Our policy and program work, to protect Wisconsin from the harmful effects of climate change;
  • Our policy and program work, to ensure Wisconsin’s water is plentiful, is safe to drink, and free from pollution.

Doug believes, like we do, that together we can do so much more than any one of us can accomplish alone.

To make a contribution to Doug La Follette’s Endowment Match, click here:


Or you can mail your contribution to:

Clean Wisconsin
Attn: Doug La Follette Match
634 W Main Street #300
Madison, WI 53703