If you’ve ever spent time in the splendor of Wisconsin’s outdoors, then you know the water, air, and places we enjoy are critically valuable. These places make up our unique natural heritage, shaping the ways we interact with each other, raise our families, and live our lives.

Throughout the years Clean Wisconsin’s work at the state capitol has informed lawmakers on a wide range of important environmental issues: From passage of the Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act, to legislation to curb acid rain, to bills protecting children from lead exposure, to programs that fund energy efficiency, to recycling laws, to the Great Lakes Compact, our advocacy has played a key role in creating a brighter, cleaner future for Wisconsin.

Today our green infrastructure projects in Milwaukee’s 30th Street Industrial Corridor are keeping storm water runoff from flooding our city streets and basements, and contaminating our drinking water. Our efforts to create the nation’s first phosphorus reduction rule are helping to clean up Madison’s lakes. Our science team is exploring ways to curb water contamination from cancer-causing chemicals such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which make their way from blacktop sealants into our lakes and rivers. Our work to eliminate barriers to wind energy development is boosting our economy with clean energy production, and we’re working with utilities to forge a sustainable energy future that doesn’t rely on dirty coal.

These are just a few examples of the hard work we do every day at Clean Wisconsin, and we vow to continue to face head-on the most significant threats to Wisconsin clean water and clean air.

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